Core’s Executive Partner

Steve Oprian

Steve Oprian and our entire team of highly experienced corporate Senior recruiters have coached thousands of people to Job Success and Job Promotions.


Introducing Steve Oprian: Executive Growth Expert

Steve Oprian and our esteemed senior corporate recruiters have a wealth of experience guiding individuals toward job success and promotions. With over 20 years of combined careers within renowned American companies, we have been privileged to partner with individuals throughout their professional journeys.

Throughout our careers, we have championed causes such as company reorganizations, advocating for work-life balance and overall well-being, and facilitating job advancement and promotions. Our team possesses a genuine passion for assisting job candidates in finding and securing their desired positions. We are dedicated to equipping candidates with the knowledge and preparation necessary to excel throughout the interview, offer stage, and negotiation processes.

With Steve Oprian and our team, you can tap into our expertise as growth experts and mentors. Together, we will navigate the path to success, empowering you to achieve your career aspirations and surpass your goals.