ServicesRedefining talent acquisition with sustainable and strategic talent pipelines.

Here's how Core can support you:

  • Identifying roles that require a talent pipeline.
  • Determining the essential skills for these roles.
  • Implementing recruitment strategies aligned with your business objectives and growth plans.
  • Crafting a compelling employment brand that incorporates candidate care strategies.
  • Tracking talent pipeline metrics to assess effectiveness and success.

We are committed to revolutionizing talent acquisition by building sustainable and intelligent talent pipelines that align with your organization's long-term goals.

Employment Branding:

Attract top talent through a powerful employment brand strategy.

Here's how we can help you build your employer brand:

  • Cultivate a compelling employment brand that attracts the right candidates: Gain a deep understanding of your company and what drives its success.
  • Engage potential candidates through targeted content on social media platforms.
  • Harness the power of your employees' networks by implementing a robust referral program.
  • Partner with Core to create an employment brand that resonates with exceptional candidates.

Adaptable Delivery Solutions:

  • Dedicated Retained/Contract Recruiters: Our team works exclusively for your business, developing a tailored sourcing strategy to attract top candidates.
  • Strategic Partnership: Collaborating with us guarantees a continuous flow of qualified candidates, improving your interview process and establishing a robust talent pipeline.
  • Contingency Option: Our Contingency option ensures prompt fulfillment for unique or low-volume staffing requirements.
  • Value-Driven Solutions: Whether you opt for Retained/Contract or Contingency, both options provide value and are adaptable to your company's specific circumstances.

Delivery Solutions That Work

Aligning Sourcing Strategies with DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion):

At Core Recruiting, we prioritize DEI throughout our recruitment process, forging strong partnerships with diverse suppliers to attract exceptional talent.

Benefits of Prioritizing DEI:

  • Increased Creativity: Diverse teams drive innovation and generate fresh ideas, fostering the development of new products and services.
  • Enhanced Performance and Retention: Inclusive environments boost employee performance, engagement, and satisfaction, leading to higher productivity and lower turnover.
  • Greater Flexibility: A diverse workforce brings a range of skills, enabling companies to adapt and meet evolving demands.
  • Attraction of Top Talent: Prioritizing diversity attracts outstanding candidates and establishes an inclusive reputation, creating a positive cycle of talent attraction and retention.
  • Expanded Market Access: A diverse workforce better understands clients, resulting in improved service and meeting unique needs.
  • Compelling Statistics: Inclusive organizations generate higher cash flow, revenue and are more likely to achieve financial targets. By aligning sourcing strategies with a commitment to DEI, your organization unlocks the benefits of a diverse workforce for sustainable growth and success.

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