It’s a little unsettling when watching the news and seeing the Department of Labor announced that claims for jobless benefits surged 33%, with California topping the charts at 190,000 claims. Nonetheless, this swift change in businesses’ daily operations doesn’t have to mean that “no one is hiring.” No matter what economy we’re in, one thing is always certain: there ARE still companies hiring…some are even expanding

Concentrate on Growth Industries

While you may not be working for the same company by the end of this economic and public health crisis, you can still be sharpening skills. For example, your marketing experience in the travel industry can transition to Marketing in Information Technology or in the Lifesciences industry. Or your role as a data analyst in retail can look identical to that of a healthcare agency in need of immediate support.

Work Your Network

Networking is nothing more than getting to know people. Whether you realize it or not, you’re already networking every day and everywhere you go. You’re networking when you strike up a conversation with the person next to you in line, introduce yourself to other parents at your child’s school, meet a friend of a friend, catch up with a former co-worker, or stop to chat with your neighbor. Everyone you meet can help you move your job search forward. Networking is also about helping others. As human beings, we are wired to connect with others. Without these connections, you can become isolated and experience loneliness and even depression. So the real goal of networking should be to re-invigorate your existing relationships and develop new ones.

Tapping the hidden job market through networking may take more planning and nerve than searching online, but it’s much more effective. Being open to connecting and helping others—in good times and bad—can help you find the right job, make valuable connections in your chosen field, and stay focused and motivated during your job search.

Sell Yourself

Learn how to talk about yourself in a meaningful and powerful way. Think about it like this, you have one shot to make a first impression ….so do it right the first time.  Tailor your elevator pitch, prepare meaningful anecdotes, always quantify your achievements and say the right things.

Take a Temporary or Contract Position

Businesses and employer organizations will need to keep going as best they can during this disruptive period.  Not every organization can close down temporarily and not every role can be performed remotely. And so it seems likely that for many organizations a crucial part of the planning may be the use of temporary or contract staff.

Stay Positive

The most important thing when searching for a job in tough economic times is to retain a positive attitude. Struggling to find a great job in a bad economy can be a drag, but undertaking even a few of these tips will improve your chances of landing a gig. Remember it doesn’t matter how many jobs are or aren’t out there, You’re just looking for one — the right one for you

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