• June 29, 2021
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“I was working for the same company for 20 years and feeling so under-appreciated. My work was getting boring and I knew after multiple conversations with my direct manager that it was time to make a change. The question I had was how do I do this after 20 years? I’ve been in leadership for a long time, I’ve hired multiple teams of people and have been the one interviewing candidates but now the tables were turned. I chose to work with Erin because she continues to work as a recruiter today. Not only does she know about recruitment strategy and execution she also knows all the tactile pieces that fit the very confusing puzzle of looking for a job. She worked with me on my Career Strategy and actually showed me what recruiters see when they look at a LinkedIn profile- I was astonished. Now I know why having a clear strategy that reflects my brand is important. I also loved how Erin modified her training for me. Thank you, Erin and team! It took me 6 months to find my new job, I didn’t settle and today I am working with a growing company, working on exciting projects AND making more money!”