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Helping Professionals make the Successful transition into new jobs with new employers.

Key Advantages of working with CORE:

Companies in every industry are facing unprecedented change…so they’re transforming their workforces to keep pace. That can mean helping move people who lack the correct skills or who no longer fit the business structure, while simultaneously moving key people into new roles and finding new talent.

From mid-level management all the way up to the C-suite executives, we can help you transition employees internally and into new jobs with new employers.

We have expert career coaches, expert transition programs, and technology to support one employee or thousands. Our program can be personalized to support a variety of career paths; entrepreneurship, consulting, freelance and contract roles, portfolio careers, and active retirement.

At CORE we are Experts in the Recruitment & Hiring field, we have extensive experience and specialize in ALL of the Industries & specific function types like...

Technology & Media

Advanced Manufacturing

Consumer Brands






Travel & Hospitality


Energy & Utility


Public Sector


Sales & Marketing


Product Development

Clinical R & D

Supply Chain/Logistics


Physician & Nursing

Why work with Us?

We are 20+ years of “active real-world experts” in the corporate recruitment & hiring field, we know exactly what large companies and organizations look for in their top talent and their internal hiring process. How do we know this? Because these same large companies and organizations hire Us to come in and fix their broken internal recruitment and hiring processes when they are not working at maximum efficiency. If you’re going to hire and work with Expert Career Transition Coaches, don’t you want to work with the same folks that large Fortune 500 companies call in when they have internal recruitment and hiring problems? We can help your exiting employees transition quickly and easily into new employment opportunities reducing your current and future liability, maintaining an upbeat and positive company culture going forward and keeping your “brand” strong and enticing for future hiring needs.

We have helped countless numbers of professionals find and secure great new career opportunities quickly. We save our clients, time, money and the added stress that goes with it. We have a history of success in helping our clients land Great New Career Opportunities!

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