Candidate Care

If you want to attract, hire and retain great people, then you need to start looking after your potential candidates at the beginning of their journey.

Every step in your Candidate Care program is important.  From job posting, phone screening, interviewing, making offers, and on-boarding creates relationships and opportunities in and for your business.  Positive candidate experiences have wide-ranging and long-lasting benefits for the employer, its brand, reputation, and corporate image. Business’ that fail to embrace candidate care will lose the prospect of hiring the best people.

Candidate experience has become a competitive advantage.  Do your recruitment solutions treat your candidates with respect, communicate your process, understand your candidates, and build relationships with them?  CORE Recruiting uses candidate care-based recruitment solutions to improve your application process, build accountability into your recruiting process, involve your top performers, and build relationships with candidates to improve the candidate experience.


  • Review your Recruitment and Selection process on a regular basis
  • Be friendly and put the candidate at ease
  • Be timely with your process
  • Provide accurate & up-to-date information on the company and the role
  • Ask open-ended questions and ask everyone the same set of questions
  • Focus on getting specific examples from their work experience
  • Focus on speed and effective communication to all candidates
  • Give regular updates and honest and professional feedback
  • Regard all candidate contact as a Marketing and PR practice
  • Don’t ask questions that are: Closed, Leading, Option, Multiple, Hypothetical or Personal
  • Remember, good brands attract the best candidates

CORE Recruiting provides a superior customer experience, in terms of delivery and results. We do this by creating an environment that high performing employees and candidates are naturally attracted to. We are proud of our ability to evolve and stay ahead of the recruitment landscape.